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Ask a Pharmacist: A pharmacy expert answers 4 of your burning questions

We let you ask a pharmacist your questions. Here are some of his answers!

When you think of your local pharmacy, you might primarily associate it with picking up prescriptions. But it’s much more than that. Your pharmacist has a wealth of knowledge and an array of solutions to address a wide range of health-related questions and problems.

Phil Cowley, a seasoned pharmacist and popular online personality, answers your most pressing questions.

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Ask a Pharmacist

Balancing Hormones: An Inside Look

One of Phil’s most frequently asked questions is, “What should I take if I’m low in progesterone?” He starts by highlighting that hormones are interconnected, and when one is off balance, it often affects others as well. In the case of low progesterone, symptoms may include hot flashes and excessive sweating.

Phil’s approach to resolving hormonal imbalances is both simple and effective. He recommends two key solutions. The first is spearmint tea, which contains carvone and helps reduce rogue androgens. It can also increase estrogen levels. Second, Phil introduces myo-inositol, a sugar that plays a crucial role in regulating hormone levels. It can help address insulin resistance and the associated symptoms.

Combatting Dry Skin in the Winter: Tips and Tricks

The winter season often brings discomfort, especially in the form of dry, cracked fingertips. Phil suggests focusing on a few key strategies. First, exfoliate and remove the dead skin on the fingertips. This clears the way for new skin to regenerate. The best solution for this is 20% urea, which isolates keratinized tissue and helps in removing dead skin. To enhance the effect, a touch of hydrocortisone can be added.

Managing Medications when Nauseous

Sometimes, medications can cause nausea or even vomiting. Phil explains that this can result from negative past experiences. When you’ve taken pills and become sick in the past, your body naturally prepares for a repeat. It tightens your throat and slows gastric emptying. Phil suggests overcoming this by taking medication with food. However, foods rich in sugar can accelerate gastric emptying.

An alternative to help with swallowing is benzocaine spray, which numbs the throat, making it easier to swallow pills. Additionally, incorporating ginger and digestive bitters can enhance gastric emptying. Drinking plenty of water before and after taking medication is crucial to prevent nausea.

Eczema Relief for Kids

Winter eczema and dry skin patches are common issues, especially among children. Phil recommends a simple solution that parents can easily prepare. Mix equal parts hydrocortisone 1%, ammonium lactate 12%, lanolin, and petrolatum. This concoction can help alleviate skin issues and provide relief to children experiencing dry and irritated skin.

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