Back to School Traditions

Get your kids excited to go back to school with smart activities and 1st day of school traditions!

Contributor Amy Twitty shares fabulous ideas that make the grade, from tips to tackle the first day jitters, to quick and easy breakfasts!

A Reason to Celebrate

Let the fun begin

We have a party to begin summer so why can’t we start the school year off with a running start? You can surprise your kids with a simple banner outside their door to welcome them to the first day of school. We have seen this idea to welcome summer time, but let’s have the kids jump into the new school year with as much excitement. The cards can be purchased at the dollar store and a quick sew along the top gives the cards a new look. Have the kids run through the banner and it will simply break with this celebration!

Pocket of love

Even with all the excitement, a little nerves are normal. To calm those shaky hands during their big day, help calm their hearts by stitching a felt heart that they can place in their pockets. Then when they get nervous or scared they can still think of mom and dad by reaching in their pockets and holding onto your heart.

Morning Madness

Pancakes on a stick

Sometimes breakfast can be the biggest hurdle of the day, especially on the first day of school. Simplify that task by buying some frozen breakfast goodies. You can make it a little unique by adding your own personal touches to plates, display, etc and the kids will still love you and think you spend hours on their most important meal of the day.

Love Lunch Note

It’s a must that every mother must embarrass their child by writing a note in their lunch box. Keep it simple yet visible so they are sure to see it. Wrap a note around their sandwich with your own handwriting will be sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Teacher Treats

Teacher tote

Most teachers are caught carrying bags and paper galore. Here is a simple gift that can cost you as little as $3.00 and you can make a personalized gift for that special teacher. They can carry their favorite gossip magazine, iPod, and those homework files in a fashionable way.

Secret Stash

Every teacher needs their own secret stash of goodies that little hands can’t get to. By hiding the secret treat in the bag, little eyes are sure not to be interested. Every teacher needs their own little moment and why not have them enjoy it with a little treat for themselves.

School Pride

1st Day Snapshots

Why not check something off the 1st day of school to do list and take an unrushed picture before. Without the hustle and bustle of the first morning take a few extra minutes with your child and go to their school to take their picture a day or two before school starts. They won’t be as embarrassed with all their friends around and their mom licking the cheeks to get tid bits of breakfast off their faces. You can make a sign to remember the school year and the date with an old frame from around the house.

Welcome Home

Homework Station

Create a designated space for your child to do their homework but make it unique and a special place they want to be. I found a desk for sale at school garage sale and added chalkboard paint to the top for the kids to doodle on, after their homework of course.

Time Capsule

Time can fly by especially during the school year and we often forget those memories especially on the 1st day of school. Take a few minutes after they have come home for them to spill their guts with all the excitement of the day. This questionnaire is fun for them to fill out and tuck away until the end of the school year. Get an old canister, tin, etc and create a family capsule to reveal at the end of the year.

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