Banana Split Pie

Fun party dessert; half cream pie, half banana split, but all “tasty!”

1 baked 9″ pie crust
3/4 cup chocolate fudge topping
3 1/2 cups strawberry ice cream
2 cups French vanilla pudding*
3 medium Bananas
Chocolate syrup
Mint leaves, optional garnish

Partially warm fudge topping; warm enough to make topping spreadable. Spread in bottom of baked pie shell. Place in freezer to chill thoroughly. Soften ice cream to the point it may be spooned into cooled pie shell on top fudge. Cover and freeze until firm.

Prepare pudding according to homemade recipe or according to packaged pudding mix directions. Chill to set.

To serve, drizzle pie with chocolate syrup, spoon pudding over top and arrange with sliced bananas. Garnish with mint leaf, if desired

*NOTES: Recipe is best if pudding is made from scratch. For speed, use instant French Vanilla pudding mix. Prepare pudding according to package directions. Chill completely. Serves 8.

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