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Marie LeBaron is a mother of three who blogs about kids craft ideas. Just back from BlogHer, Marie reports on the trends and highlights.

3 Top Takeaways from BlogHer ’09:

1. Face to Face Interaction. We may know someone online, but we’re all behind a computer. It’s fun to come out from behind the screen and talk with those who you already feel a connection to. It’s like seeing one of your best friends you haven’t seen in years, when actually you’ve never met in real life.

2. Making a Connection. There are many bloggers out there with something to offer. It’s great to connect on a personal level, seeing how you can work together on your blogs. I met many people who can benefit my blog who can become a guest by writing a guest post. Again that face to face interaction is so valuable.

3. Blogging as a Career. Not only do you get to meet these people in real life, you get to learn from them too. These conferences put together great classes where you can learn more about blogging: how to improve your writing, how to gain readers, how to turn your blog into a book. For many people, their blog is their career and they want to continue to improve it.
Like making money from your blog. There are a few ways to do that. You can do a review or a giveaway for a company and receive product (with full disclosure), you can put up affiliate ads like google ads and an amazon store where you take a small percentage from a click or a sale, you can join an ad network where you take a larger percentage from the ads on the network, or you can sell private ads on your own site where they become your “sponsors”.

Upcoming Conference:

•  Blogworld Expo – open to all genders of bloggers in October in Las Vegas.

•  Blissdom and Mom 2.0 are women’s conferences in February.

•  BlogHer next August 2010 in New York.

•  Locally you can get involved with a Startup Princess event in September, a site set up for women entrepreneurs.

•  Utah chapter of the Social Media Club – a group open to anyone in social media that meets monthly to network face to face and to learn from each other in different social media outlets, like facebook, twitter, and blogging.

About Marie: Marie is a former Kindergarten teacher, now staying at home with 3 children. She’s the owner and founder of the popular parenting blog, Make and Takes, which she has been writing for 2 1/2 years. Make and Takes features kids crafts, home crafts, easy recipes, and parenting tips. For more ideas and crafty tidbits for home, family, and fun, visit

Make and Takes

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