Neumont University: Home Computer Know-How

To help break down what should be done, is Stacy Hughes, Communications Manager at Neumont University, a South Jordan University founded to create and educate innovators in the computer sciences. But, you don’t have to have a Master’s degree from Neumont to master these few simple tasks to keep your computer running smoothly.

Stacy presents several “How To’s” with easy, everyone-can-do-it tips on how to keep your home computer running safely and efficiently.

Home Computer How-Tos

1. Back up your files:

– All computers are vulnerable to viruses, crashes, fire, etc. and in this day in age, most of us keep some of our most cherished memories in photos or videos on our computers. Backing up your files can help prevent the loss of those irreplaceable items, and is quick and easy to do.

– External hard-drives or small flash drives can be purchased at any store that sells electronics, including Best Buy, Target and Staples.

– When buying an external hard-drive you don’t need to choose the most expensive product. Just check to make sure that the one you choose comes pre-loaded with software and easy-to-follow instructions on how to copy files from your computer to the device, and is compatible with your type of Machine (Mac or PC).

2. Security/System updates:

– Updating your computer system will keep it safe and running well.

– Both Microsoft and Apple release new updates regularly, and you should take a few minutes to make sure they are installed on your computer.

3. Run virus/spyware scans:

– Just like a cold, computer viruses are easy to catch, and just as easy to prevent. Even if you have a Mac, you should make sure your virus/spyware protection software is up to date.

– You have all probably seen the pop-ups that appear in the bottom right corner of your computer, telling you your virus software needs to be updated. Take a few minutes to make sure that the pop-up is actually for the anti-virus software you already have on your computer, and update it if necessary.

– Be wary of notifications that pop-up, or email notifications when you are browsing the internet as they may not be your software, and could actually cause more harm than good. Visit our website to find sites you can go to for free virus protection.


These tips and several more are available in greater detail on Neumont University’s website. Just go to

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