stuffed toys

Make cute stuffed toys in your own craft room! Seamstress tricks to help you pull them off

Tackle some sewed stuffed toys with your newfound free time.

Some of you will have a little more time on your hands during the day to tackle the projects that have sat, unfinished, on the shelf.

Kristin Baird makes the kind of handmade heirlooms you might want to make for a little person in your life. She shares how to make your own stuffed toys and dolls.

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Kristin Baird has been a maker since she was very young, preferring crafts to just about every other form of entertainment. As an adult, she cultivated her creativity by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree of Interior Design from USU. Each day she uses the concepts she learned in college through her business, Hey Kitty Rae, where she designs and sews custom dolls and stuffed animals. You can find her on Instagram @HeyKittyRae or online at

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