pressed flower art

Keep summer around with pretty pressed flower art! Here’s how to make your own…

We love the look of this pressed flower art.

This may be the way you make summer linger longer. Make lovely table décor by putting flowers under glass.

Decorator Michelle Bauer has created something completely show stopping, and shares how to make a pretty floral art piece.

Find Michelle on Instagram at @_thepinklemon, and on Etsy.


How to Make Pressed Flower Art


  • Pressed flowers
  • Book to press flowers or a handy gadget called the microwave flower press from Amazon.
  • 2 pieces of glass (see options for custom shapes in Michelle’s Etsy shop, @thepinklemonstore)
  • Stained glass copper foiling tape (Amazon)
  • PH neutral glue (Amazon)


  1. Gather flowers
  2. I’ll Show/explain 3 different ways to obtain pressed flowers. In between book pages, using the microwave with the handy dandy flower press or you can purchase dried/pressed flowers from Amazon.
  3. Gather 2 pieces of glass that are the exact same size. Can be pulled from unused frames. One piece will be used to place your pressed flowers on and the other will be used to place on top of the other piece once you lay your flowers in place. Purchase a floating frame from Amazon or I have blank plexiglass shapes for sale in my Etsy shop, @thepinklemonstore.
  4. Place and arrange your dried flowers on your glass.
  5. Dip a small paintbrush in the PH neutral glue. Gently apply the glue to the back of your flowers and press in place. Be sure to use PH neutral glue as this will help preserve your flowers.
  6. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving to the next step.
  7. Once glue is dry, place your 2nd piece of glass on top of the base piece.
  8. Grab a friend/partner & have them hold the 2 pieces of glass together. While they are holding, you will apply the copper-stained glass foiling tape and apply it to the edges of the glass. Rub into place. This tape will provide a beautiful, vintage inspired finished edge and will also hold the 2 pieces of glass together.

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