Do It Yourself Leather Accessories


Leather accessories are hip and trendy, yet always in style. From jewelry to handbags, make your own customized leather projects in no time at all!

Melissa Esplin with the blog “I Still Love You”, also known as Isly, shares fabulous do it yourself leather accessories.


It’s a pattern I developed from a Martha Stewart business cards case by enlarging it & adding scallops. It’s definitely a sleek way to carry extra diapers around. I’ve used mine (I’ve made three different versions for myself) for just over 3 years now & can’t imagine my life without it! It’s so practical; I can just wipe the leather clean.


This two-in-one pattern/tutorial is great for consolidating extra coinage floating around or just taking the necessaries for a night out.


I LOVE skinny belts & the flavor they add to an outfit. Turn plain veggie tan strips of leather into something awesome with just a little bit of watercolor & olive oil.


Leather can often times have a harsh or more masculine feel to it, so adding a soft element like pleats or bows adds some fun contrast.


Create the illusion of a bow without having to tie one. This pattern showcases the soft suede underside of leather. Might not be suitable for vinyl, but would work well with other natural materials such as cork or felt.


Feathers are IN. Feather hair extensions, feather earrings, so why not make your own soft, better-with-time leather feathers? Attach them to a necklace chain, headband, belt or earring studs. Possibilities are endless.


This bracelet looks like it’d be difficult with the two ends attached, but it’s surprisingly easy! This tutorial/pattern makes a great gift for a guy or a girl. Use the wider pattern to make a rugged man-bracelet for your dad for Father’s day.

Set up braided leather craft. & go through steps:
1. cut out leather using pattern
2. tape leather to a stationery surface
3. take the right section & start braiding very tightly
4. count every time you cross over a section
5. at # six, hold the braided part in place
6. go to the bottom (tangled part) and follow the top section under & through the tangle
7. take the right section (at the top) & slide your hand down, untwisting it as you go
8. repeat steps 3-7
9. you might have to untangle as you go
10. adjust braids so the spacing is even
11. attach snaps & wear
12. if you want to weather it, run it through water & let it dry around your wrist

Tandy Leather is where I go to get all of my leather supplies. You can buy full hides there – often times for a deal. You can also buy scraps & remnants for next to nothing. Most of these projects don’t take much leather at all, so scraps are a great (and green!) way to go.
1-2 oz leather – most of these projects require a 1-2 ounce leather. Also most crafts are pretty versatile as far as using suedes, top grain leather or coated leathers, like patents. It just depends upon what kind of look you’re going for.
EBAY – If you’re looking for a specific color or type of leather & you don’t want to buy an entire hide, I suggest going on ebay. You’ll often times find exactly what you’re looking for, for a great price.
Michaels or Roberts – will often times carry leather for small crafts, but you’re pretty limited with colors & finishes.

Melissa Esplin has a background in fine arts, graphic design & grew up constantly making things just like her mom. The blog I Still Love You is a place where she shares projects she still likes to do now she’s a mom. You can find anything from thrifty fashion finds to tutorials & Holiday pintables. Check out her blog at

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