E-book Readers – All in the Palm of Your Hand

Jessica Foust from Top Ten Reviews has found the top e-readers, where to find them, and how much they cost. Find out which is best for you!

An e-book reader, also called an e-reader is a device that makes it easy to read digital books, documents, and magazines. Plus they make it easy to take notes, save clippings of quotations, and highlight passages we want to be able to find again. They’re convenient, portable, and have an extremely long battery life.

One main advantage of an e-reader is its readability. The devices use an e-ink technology that is a paper-like display. It makes it easy to read in bright sunlight and just about anywhere. Here are a few e-readers that may just be an excellent addition to your home library.

Barnes and Noble Nook: $259

• Loans eBooks to friends, free of charge

• Color touchscreen

• Holds up to 1,500 books

• Memory expansion if you need more space

• Free 3G wireless and Wi-Fi

Amazon Kindle DX: $489

• Large screen – 9.7″

• Instant download of content

• Auto-rotate to landscape

• Simple navigation and setup

• Free 3G wireless

• Holds up to 3,500 books

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600: $299

• 6″ touchscreen display

• Exceptional style and build quality

• Holds up to 350 books

• Memory expansion if you need more space

• Mac and PC compatible

Astak 5″ EZ Reader: $199

• Excellent compatibility

• Text zoom and PDF reflow

• Internal MP3 Player

• Text-to-Speech

• Holds up to 350 books

• Memory expansion if you need more space

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