Easy Snacks that Curb Cravings

Don’t let cravings sabotage your plans to eat healthier. Fix these quick and easy foods and curb your cravings. Personal Trainer, Blake Robinson says you can feed your craving and fuel your body, too.

Apple Crisps – the apples provide not only the sweetness fix but the B vitamins in apples are excellent for increasing energy and cranking up your metabolism to get through cold winter days. The almond butter is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats to keep you satisfied and the granola is packed with fiber and complex carbohydrates for lasting energy.

Sweet Peas – The sweet peas provide a boost of fiber to fill you faster than the sugar filled candies of the holidays so you cut down on total calories but you also increase the quality of your calories. Honey is a natural sweetener that won’t deplete your body of vitamin C like sugar will and with the cold weather we all need as much vitamin C as possible to fight off colds.

Chipotle Popcorn – The pepper is the key. It gives you a bump of energy without the negative effects of caffeine and gets your metabolism burning through those Holiday cookies.

Baked Vegetable Fries – these fries are great for the entire family, mom dad as well as kids because it gives you the great taste and crunch that we all crave from French fries and replaces it with nutrient packed vegetables that taste amazing. There is no need for ketchup with these fries because the flavor of the vegetables is brought out through baking them and the sprinkling of peanut oil.

Blake Robinson is a certified personal trainer who also specializes in fitness nutrition. For more information contact Blake at evolv3fit@gmail.com

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