Everyone’s An Artist

Jonathan Ribera is a professional artist and art teacher who believes everyone is an artist. He has some tips to cultivate a love of art in your kids.

We now rely on other’s imagination. We go to movies, watch TV, play video games but we rarely turn inside ourselves to discover or rediscover our own power of imagination. When children are excited about art they tend to get the classic phrase, “get a real job.”, or “it’s a waste of time…never make a living at it. Instead of squelching that enthusiasm, try a positive approach:

   • Find out what kind of careers are available.
   • Exposure-museums, online artists.
   • Get a basic understanding and knowledge about the arts.
   • Find out and ACCEPT what your kid’s interests are.
   • Learn together. Let the child know you want to do it       together…
   • Always PRAISE…positive reinforcement. Don’t say “What is       it?” say “Tell me about it.”
   • Never criticize any of the child’s work.
   • Show off work. Enter their work in kid’s shows.
   • Find artist friendly environments, after school programs, art       shows, festivals, gallery openings, have them meet a       professional artist locally to see their world and ask questions
   • Set time aside for something artistic. Turn off the T.V.

   • Alphabet art -make something out of the letters of the       alphabet
   • Impossible creatures-mix three or four parts of different       animals into one crazy creature
   • Scribble art- close your eyes draw any lines on your paper for       the count of 5 then open you eyes and try to make your       scribbles into a picture
   • Shape art- Use only triangles to make an entire picture, then       try it using only circles or squares.

Art Activities
Utah Museum of Fine Arts Third Saturday Art Activity for Families-Free 2-4pm

For more information on UMFA 2010 Summer Art Programs please visit umfa.utah.edu.

Jonathan Ribera is a commissioned artist, art teacher and owner of E. A. Gallery & Art School in Logan, Utah. For more information contact him at:



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