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Make exercise a regular part of your nana routine! How to prioritize fitness later in life

It’s important to prioritize fitness in all stages of life.

At Studio 5, the mantra is simple: fitness is for everyone – at every age and stage of life. As we age, however, confidence in stepping into a gym might dwindle.

Studio 5 Fitness Contributor Emily Nelson wants to break down those barriers and remind us that the gym is a place for nanas too.

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How Nanas Can Prioritize Fitness

Nanas Belong in the Fitness World

With nearly two decades of experience teaching fitness in various settings, Emily emphasizes the inspiration drawn from the older adult population showing up in gyms. Nanas might not realize how much their presence motivates younger generations to prioritize their health.

The challenge for many older adults is building confidence in returning to or entering the gym for the first time. Emily’s advice is simple yet powerful: walk in confidently. She highlights the significance of this stage in life, where one potentially has more time to invest in oneself, focusing on self-care and purposeful activities.

Benefits of Exercise in Later Stages of Life

The benefits of exercise aren’t exclusive to any age group. Emily echoes the sentiment that “keep moving to keep moving” applies universally. Conversations with gym-goers in their 80s reinforce the idea that mobility, balance, and muscle mass are crucial aspects that need consistent attention, no matter the age.

Taking the First Steps

For nanas stepping into the fitness world, Emily suggests finding an accountability partner. Exercise, coupled with nurturing relationships, becomes an enjoyable journey. Weight-bearing cardiovascular exercises like walking, dancing, or even step classes are recommended. However, resistance training, crucial for muscle mass and balance, can be initiated through modified exercises or with resistance bands. Emily emphasizes the importance of seeking certified trainers or reliable online resources tailored for older adults.

The gym isn’t just a place for physical exercise; it’s a community hub fostering mental well-being and purpose.

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