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Are you eating for health, or weight? Here are 4 mindset shifts to consider

Eating for health is a better way to take care of yourself.

We believe the term “dieting” is outdated. It’s widespread knowledge that, typically, diets don’t work.

Studio 5 Health Contributor Miki Eberhardt believes we are disguising diets in more polite terms. Attitudes or practices that are being wrapped up as “lifestyle eating,” at their core, may be hurting our healthy eating goals. She helps us understand if we’re eating for our weight or for our health.

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Eating for Health Rather Than Weight

The Mental Shift: Health vs. Weight

The distinction lies in the motivation and mindset behind our eating habits. Eating for health exudes care and respect for our bodies, while eating solely for weight or body manipulation can feel punitive and reactive. However, the lines often blur, making it essential to dissect our motives.

Four Tips for a Healthier Approach

  1. Limiting vs. Freedom: Embrace the freedom of choice in health-focused eating, allowing flexibility without strict rules.
  2. Understanding Motivations: Scrutinize if choices stem from genuine health concerns or the pressure to conform to certain standards.
  3. Listening to Your Body: Tune into your body’s cues and needs, fostering a nurturing relationship with food.
  4. Honest Self-Evaluation: Be honest about the methods used and whether they contribute positively to your well-being.

The Essence of Eating for Health

Eating for health means more than just nourishment; it embodies self-respect, listening to internal cues, and being a responsible steward of our bodies. It’s about feeling empowered, supported, and confident in our choices.

Miki’s insights prompt us to rethink our approach to nutrition. It’s not about vilifying weight loss but embracing a holistic mindset that prioritizes health over rigid rules and external pressures. By understanding our motivations and methods, we can pave the way for a more fulfilling, balanced, and nourishing relationship with food.

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