Extend Health

Extend Health’s unique programs enable employers to transition retirees from a legacy group benefit platform to an account-based program that offers retirees unbiased advice, selection and enrollment in a health plan … based on each retiree’s needs.

Extend Health offers hundreds of plan options to retirees.
However, Extend Health needs employees in various capacities to become benefits advisors, customer service representatives and more.

• Extend Health has amazing technology—they are a technology company, not a health care company. They could be considered the “Travelocity of retiree healthcare”.
• Extend Health has recently hired 200 benefits advisors and they are in the process of hiring another 200 benefits advisors and customer service quality representatives
• One of the misunderstandings about Extend Health is that we are a call center– they are definitely not. Extend Health is a delivery model of health care choices.
• Extend Health currently has 80 newly hired benefits advisors in our Extend Health University education program, which educates all our their employees with training and proper licensing for the position. Extend Health spends $8K per employee towards this training and licensure.
• They will also have other positions available as they continue to grow. For example, they expect to hire 10-12 IT Engineers at the first of the year, among other positions.
• Extend Health is a model of a truly flexible work environment, where they can accommodate employees that are looking for full time, part time, job sharing, seasonal or year round, telecommuting from home… Extend Health’s major work force is in Utah, but is based in Burlingame, CA, with offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Hartford, New York, Salt Lake city and Washington, DC. The technology group is located in Sugar House and the Client Care Center will be located in South Jordan.

They have already filled 200 positions but are looking for another 200 over the next 4-8 weeks. Positions to be filled include benefits advisors, customer service, and quality monitoring, with fulltime, temporary/season and flexible schedules available.

To learn more about career opportunities at Extend Health, check out their website at www.extendhealth.com/careers

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