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Family Rules: Brooke chats with the cast of the new BYUtv show

Some of you may know about the new BYUtv show called Family Rules. It’s a program that focuses on what matters most to us, family. Yahosh Bonner and Natalie Riskas traveled the country and fell in love with families who are doing it right.

Yahosh and Natalie stop into the studio to chat with Brooke.

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  • Loved show today 8/ 23/20 abt how games connect families & shd prioritize daily esp spontaneously. I wd like to suggest a game which is a tradition now called the thimble game; one person chooses a category ie colors, movies, books, car makes bb players etc then goes around circle asking ea one to guess what it is if one cannot guess correctly they get thimble of water doused on them! – is that not fin enough to demonstrate on your program!!!😂