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The Formula for a Pretty Charcuterie Board: 7 pieces of a balanced display

Next time you put together a charcuterie board, use this formula!

Spring is high time for baby and bridal showers, and a good charcuterie board is a shower staple! But it’s not just about throwing the meat and cheese on a block of wood. A refined look is all in the dainty little details.

Charcuterie artist Megan Rich has perfected the beautiful and balanced board. Megan shares her technique to a beautiful spread, including two methods to roll up a salami rose and an impressive way to cut your fruit.


Megan also shared her charcuterie checklist with us. Here’s what to pick up at the store next time you’re prepping for a charcuterie:

Charcuterie Checklist

A good charcuterie starts with a good board. Megan’s favorite place to buy new boards is Ross. She says you can get great boards there, cheaper than anywhere else!

Cheeses: Hard and Soft

Mix up your texture with a few hard cheeses and a few soft cheeses. For hard cheese, try gouda, cheddar, or Gruyere. For a softer option, load up on creamy brie.

Cured Meat

Charcuterie translates to cured meat. Add some salami, pepperoni,The  or prosciutto.

A Carb

Give your guests some carbs! Load up your board with crackers to give them something to pair the cheese with.

Something Savory

A savory dip

Something Sweet

Fruit, Small Candies, Chocolate

Something Pretty

Cut your fruit in a zig zag or roll your salami into a rose for an eye-catching piece.


Use nuts, olives, dried fruits, and other small scale ingredients to fill in the gaps.

Find more from Megan on her Instagram, @meganrich_doesboardsandmore.

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