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Grab a holiday garland that fits your personal style! Here’s a look at different options…

Pick the holiday garland that most suits your style!

Garland is a focal point of Christmas décor. The right one can add to the overall holiday vibe of your home. From traditional elegance to a more modern flair, there’s a garland that matches up with your own unique design style.

Designer Melissa Eror, from Modern Display, shares a crash course in garlands and greens. It’s sort of like a garland personality test. Put your own design style into the formula, and you’ve got your garland!

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6 Holiday Garlands to Choose From

For a classic Christmas look, go for a berry garland.

For a sophisticated natural look, go for a magnolia garland.

For a white and whimsical look, go for white and light garland.

For a more natural beauty look, go for a pinecone garland.

For a fun and spirited look, go for a pom pom garland.

For an antique and glitzy look, go for a sparkly holly garland.

Melissa Eror is an interior designer, and design team manager at Modern Display. Visit the new Modern Display store at 5959 So. State St., Murray.

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