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This Kamas Woman is Known for Her Impressive Pumpkin Patch

You’ll want to see this pumpkin patch for yourself.

She’s a woman from a small town with a big passion for pumpkins. Sheri Lewis was born and raised in Kamas and still lives there today. Her house, sitting on one of the main roads, is hard to miss as you drive through. And especially during the fall, you won’t just drive by – you’ll want to park and pumpkin shop.

Go see Sheri’s impressive variety for yourself: 2171 N State Road 32, Kamas, UT.

She sets her pumpkins out around mid-September. And, due to their popularity, will be running low on variety come mid-October.


Get to Know Sheri

Meet Sheri Lewis: a self-proclaimed pumpkin enthusiast whose love for these vibrant gourds runs deep. In a conversation with us, she shared her journey, from her childhood experiences in a bustling garden to becoming the proud cultivator of an impressive pumpkin patch.

Nestled in the heart of the valley, Sheri’s home is a haven of orange goodness. As we chatted, her eyes lit up with excitement, a testament to her genuine passion for her craft. When asked about the source of her enthusiasm, she chuckled, “I can’t explain it; if you get it, you get it. It’s like Christmas morning, but way funner!”

Sheri’s journey into the world of pumpkins started modestly, with a childhood spent working in her family’s garden. “We had a big garden, and I didn’t appreciate it much back then. I was just a kid who didn’t want to weed,” she reminisced. Little did she know that her early experiences would shape her future.

Fast forward to today, and Sheri’s pumpkin patch is a sight to behold. With seven years of experience under her belt, she has turned her front porch into a pumpkin paradise, boasting an impressive variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

But Sheri’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Cold, killing frosts in June, labor-intensive harvesting, and the constant battle against unpredictable weather have tested her resolve. However, her determination and love for what she does have kept her going.

While her seven kids and seven grandkids might not share her level of enthusiasm, they’ve all contributed to her journey in their own ways. “They help me if I ask for it, but they don’t love it,” Sheri admitted. “But I hope my grandkids will like it more as they grow older”.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Sheri’s face lit up with anticipation. “Every year, waiting for the new seed catalog feels like Christmas morning. And when those pumpkins start growing, it’s pure joy,” she shared. “I guess you could call it an addiction. I just love it.”

Sheri is proof that passion can turn even the simplest of things into a lifelong adventure. Her dedication to her craft, her family, and the joy she finds in every pumpkin she grows is a testament to the power of genuine enthusiasm. So, the next time you pick up a pumpkin, remember there might be a passionate soul behind it, someone like Sheri, who makes each one a labor of love.

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