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Keep bonds with adult children strong! Here are 4 habits to keep into adulthood

Dynamics change, but your connection with adult children doesn’t have to.

For parents, witnessing their children grow up and eventually raise families of their own marks a significant shift in their relationship dynamics. But this change doesn’t have to mean losing connection with your adult children.

Rebecca Fredrick, a mother of eight and grandmother of three, believes that the techniques used to bond with young children can be just as effective in nurturing relationships with grown-up children.

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How to Stay Connected With Adult Children

  1. Greetings Matter

Something as simple as a warm greeting can work wonders. Rebecca emphasizes the magic of greetings, recalling how her parents’ radiant welcome instilled confidence and security in her. For adult children, a hug, a touch, or a cheerful acknowledgment at the door can speak volumes, affirming their importance in the family.

  1. Love Side by Side

Engaging in activities together, whether it’s grabbing a treat, taking a walk, or even running errands, provides a natural environment for conversation. The side-by-side interaction creates a comfortable atmosphere, making it easier for both parties to open up and connect on a deeper level.

  1. Utilize Your Phone

In this digital age, smartphones can be powerful tools for staying connected. Family group chats, sharing interesting articles, books, or movies, and sending encouraging messages can foster a sense of togetherness, especially when physical distance separates family members. Individual text chains allow for personalized communication, reinforcing the bond between parents and their adult children.

  1. Maintain Family Rituals

Creating family rituals, simple yet meaningful routines, can instill a sense of belonging and continuity. These rituals can include cooking specific meals together, taking regular walks, or even establishing yearly family mantras. These shared traditions provide a touchstone for family members, grounding them in a sense of identity and unity.

By recognizing the power of greetings, engaging in side-by-side activities, utilizing technology wisely, and maintaining family rituals, parents can strengthen their relationships with their grown-up kids, ensuring that the bond between them remains strong and vibrant over the years.

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