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We all know a well-dressed woman. You can be her! Here are 7 things she does…

This is how to be a well-dressed woman.

You know her, you admire her, and guess what? You can be her! We are celebrating the well-dressed woman and sharing ways to step up your style game.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shares how to make getting dressed each day more effortless and easy if you’re looking to elevate your look.


The Mark of a Well-Dressed Woman

We all have that one person in our lives who is always impeccably dressed. Her style is so uniquely her, yet so elevated. Every time you look at her, you think, “She knows what she’s doing.”

“They make it look easy, but… it’s thought through. I think that’s the biggest thing,” Casey said. This is where her strategies for being a well-dressed woman come in.

“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to incorporate a polished look into your life,” Casey exclaimed. “If anything, you’re going to save money.”

Shop Strategically

Casey’s first piece of advice is to shop strategically.

“Before you even step foot in a store, make a list of what you need for the season,” Casey advised. Knowing what you want before you go in will help you avoid impulse buys, and ultimately, buyer’s regret.

Casey said this strategy is a mind trick as much as it is a money trick. Once you pick up that piece you’re looking for, you will appreciate it so much more because you purposely set out to find it.

Find Your Outfit Formula

Every well-dressed woman has a comfortable outfit formula.

“For me,” Casey said, “it’s jeans, a nicer top, and a jacket.” Once you find your formula, you can substitute different colors and patterns. Pick different jeans one day, a different color of loafers the next.

“This formula, or uniform, is where you begin – then you can plug and play from there,” Casey said.

Adjust your go-to uniform based on your lifestyle needs. You might start with trousers, a blouse, and high heels, but the concept remains the same. Start with a formula and change things up from there. Once you figure out your personal uniform, getting dressed gets so much easier.

Dress for Yourself

A well-dressed woman dresses for herself, not for others or for fashion trends. If you know certain colors work for you, don’t jump on the hot, trendy color, just because it’s currently in fashion. Additionally, if you love a piece and you know it works for you, don’t be afraid to repeat it… for years even!

“Some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe, I’ve had for ten years!” Casey exclaimed.

Embrace the Classics

Every closet needs the basics.

“You can bring the trends in if you want, but you need those basic pieces,” Casey advises. Her list of classic pieces includes:

  • Non-distressed denim
  • Blazer
  • Black boot
  • Black belt
  • Trench coat

These basics may change based on your lifestyle and age, but having them in place will give you a great place to start when getting dressed every morning. They can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits, giving you plenty to work with.

Only Wear What Fits and Flatters

Silhouettes change with the trends, and there’s a fine line between following what’s on trend and what looks good on you.

“When you choose to flatter your body, you may not lean into certain trends, ” Casey emphasized. “That’s okay, because you know what works for your body.”

“If you want to feel killer and really confident, you’re going to wear something that flatters and that you feel so good in.”

Pay Attention to the Details

Pay attention to the little style details. Things like when to roll your sleeves, how to tuck your shirt, and how to accessorize with mixed metals. A well-dressed woman also understands the importance of a good steamer and iron. Casey has one detail item that she takes with her everywhere.

“I don’t go anywhere without a lint roller,” Casey said. “I keep it in my car, in my bag… I keep it everywhere.”

Save Outfits for Inspiration

Saves outfits that you likes and want to recreate. Inspiration for outfits can be found everywhere – Instagram, TV, your friends… even yourself!

“If I love what I’m wearing one day, I will snap a photo, take a selfie, and store it in an album on my phone,” Casey explained.

Then when you don’t know what to wear in the morning, open up that album for inspiration. Recreate an outfit a little differently, or… copy it exactly if you’re feeling a little lazy and you already know you like it.

Find more style advice from Casey on Instagram, @caseymathenystyle, or at caseymatheny.com.

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