Laughter Yoga

You could say Karen Bayard’s Laughing Yoga Class is pretty much one big joke.

“Laughter Yoga is a practice where people get to breathe, laugh and move their bodies to increase aliveness or wellness,” Bayard explains. “That’s probably the short way to say it!”

As a stand-up comic, Bayard loves laughter, comedy and performing. She combines all of those elements into this one-hour experience.

“What I love about Laughter Yoga, is I get to lead people in discerning that they can laugh at themselves. They don’t need me or any other funny comic or any funny show to bring laughter and joyfulness in their life,” she said.

For class member Teinamarrie Scuderi, the ease is appealing – so is the entertainment.

“There have been times in class where people have laughed so hard that we couldn’t move on,” she said giggling. “It would die down for a second and then it would start out again. That’s how the whole class goes.”

Class members admit, at first being asked to laugh on command was somewhat awkward, but after only a couple of classes it comes naturally.

“It was not at all what I expected,” said participant Tammy Duran-Martin. “It was so much better! It was like therapy. You can’t walk out and not feel happier.”

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