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Meet Studio 5’s New Health Contributor: Miki Eberhardt

Miki Eberhardt is Studio 5’s new Health Contributor!

New season, new faces! This year, we are excited to bring on two fresh perspectives in the health and fitness field. Teaching us all about nutrition and our relationship with food is Miki Eberhardt.

Miki says she could be the president of the “diets don’t work” club – if it existed! She is married with three kids – one in high school, one in middle school, and one in  elementary. She always starts the day by making her bed – then she can at least feel like she has something together!

Miki is a big fan of audio books and podcasts, and she is always listening to something whether she is doing household chores or is in the car. She loves chocolate and sour candy, and has a bag in her candy drawer to sneak a few.

Miki loves to hike, and is in a hiking group with some amazing women. They have climbed Timpanogos, Peifferhorn, Squaw Peak, and White Pine to name a few! She loves the outdoors, seeing nature, and breathing in the clean air. She also loves learning about other women, and it doesn’t get better than sharing on the trail.

Miki loves to eat good food, but she doesn’t always love making it. Dishes are her nemesis! She recognizes the value of meal planning and actually making food, so she strives to do it even though it is not her passion. Miki loves helping people see how they can become the best steward of their body. Whether that means moving in different ways or eating in different ways, it doesn’t always have to mean shrinking.

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