One Tool, Endless Hairstyles

Glamorous curls are the current red carpet trend, but try to get the look at home and most of us get a big flat flop.

Style blogger Cara Loren says the solution for countless wavy hairstyles is the NuMe Curling Wand.

NuMe Curling Wand is the best styling tool around. It gives you that fabulous curl all the celebrities have…and you want. You can duplicate almost any curl you see with the different wand sizes of the NuMe Curling Wand.

For a limited time, get the NuMe Curling Wand from for $74 (retail $229).

NuMe Argan Oil,, $15 (retail $59)

RETRO GLAM CURLS (19mm attachment)

This look is so simple and is going to give you an updated version of that retro glamorous curl we all want. You will begin by doing a drastic side part to your hair. Next you will split your hair in half and simply wrap each side toward your face. Give your front bangs a little rat and lightly side sweep and pin in place with a cute bobby pin to finish your look.


You will begin by parting your hair near the middle of your head. This curl is as simple as wrap curling all your hair away from your face this time. Make sure your wand is pointing straight down while curling each piece. Once you get to the top layer start your curls down a couple inches form your roots. Give a little spray when you are finished and you have the perfect classic curl.

TIGHT MESSY CURLS (9mm to 13 mm)

This curl is so simple because you are going to use the exact same technique as the classic curl, you are just going to use the smallest size wand. This wand is going to make those curls tighter and messier than the classic curls. Once you are finished finger through your curls a little and you have that perfect messy look you are going for.

Cara Loren is a style blogger at Cara lives in Utah and is married with a 1 year little boy. She talks about fashion, hair, makeup, kids’ style, and much more. Cara has a spunky fun edge to her look and loves to help gals get out of their usual comfort zone. Make sure you check all the fun tutorials to learn new hairstyles and fun makeup techniques. Enjoy browsing and feel free to reach out to her if you have questions.

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