Organizing with Household Items

Organizing with Household Items

If you haven’t already started your spring cleaning and organizing, it’s not too late! This spring, the best way to keep everything at your fingertips may just be under your nose. Try some of these creative organizing uses for things you’ve already got around the house.


. Hang your tablecloths rather than folding them.

. Create a hanging hair accessory holder.

Picture Frames

. Picture frames are perfect for DIY magnet boards. Cut some sheet metal available at home improvement stores) to fit the dimension you want, and viola!

. Picture frames fitted with strands of open chain are not only great looking, they’re great storage for earrings.

Baby Wipe Containers

Baby wipe containers are perfect storage for—

. Craft supplies.

. Hair accessories.

. Office supplies.

. Plastic grocery bags.

. Small toys.

Food Storage Buckets

For many who have switched to #10 can food storage rather than buckets, here’s a new project. Put four buckets together, top with a spare pillow and cover with a fabric cover. This reading stool for your child will not only look great, you can use the buckets to store everything from toys to out-of-season clothing.

Tall Wastebaskets

Tall wastebaskets are perfect containers for—

. Umbrellas, and

. Wrapping paper.


Use shoeboxes to separate intimates, socks and accessories in your dresser drawers.

Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays have openings that are a great size for holding—

. Earrings and rings.

. Small craft items during a project.

. Finger paint and craft paints.

Baby Food Containers

Baby food containers have lids, which makes them perfect little containers for—

. Screws.

. Nuts.

. Buttons.

. Safety pins.

. Small craft and scrapbooking embellishments.

Paper Towel Rolls

Use empty paper towel rolls to store small extension and computer cords. Loop cords, slip into the paper towel roll, and label the roll with the size of your cord.

Cookie Sheets

. A cookie sheet can be spray painted to match your deco and used to hold wet shoes and boots. Insert a cookie sheet during particularly wet weather so water flows off shoes into the pan below.

. Spray paint a jelly roll pan, line with paper and use as a serving tray.

Muffin Tins

Repurpose a muffin tin to create a unique junk drawer organizer that will hold all the little stuff that clutters up your kitchen.

9″ x 13″ Pyrex or Metal Baking Pans

If you have an overabundance of baking pans, use one to create a napkin and utensil caddy. Place plastic cups or glass votive holders inside the pan to hold utensils and/or straws and put the napkins in the leftover space.

Food Packaging

Food packaging creates a veritable treasure trove of containers. Here are some of my favorite ideas for repurposing pantry packaging:

. Cereal boxes are perfect for magazine files, paper organizing boxes, and desktop organizers.

. Peanut butter containers are a great size for craft supplies.

. Cans that are wrapped in cute paper and labeled can hold everything from pencils, pens and glue to cooking utensils.

. Old spice containers can be filled with glitter and powdered sugar to create shakers.

. Egg cartons are ideal for kids’ painting and craft projects.

Happy organizing!

Kelly Pratt
Spaces Limited Organizing


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