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Give your partner public praise! Our relationship expert tells why it’s so important

It’s time we gave our partners public praise.

Former Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll recently made headlines not for his accomplishments on the field, but for his heartfelt tribute to his wife, Glenda. As he publicly championed her, it sparked a conversation about the significance of openly celebrating our partners.

Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend says there’s proof that this is important, and shares how we can publicly champion our partners.


A Heartfelt Tribute

When Pete Carroll spoke about his wife, Glenda, he didn’t just offer a passing acknowledgment. He described her as “the rarest of best friends,” a mentor, and “the angel” in his life. He emphasized her significance, stating, “I owe you everything.” This deeply personal expression of gratitude resonated with made us teary-eyed, and we felt the power of publicly championing your partner.

The Impact of Public Recognition

Publicly praising a partner isn’t just a gesture; it’s a profound statement of appreciation and support. Matt emphasizes the transformative effect of public praise.

He notes, “Publicly praising a partner actually strengthens your partnership. The research is incredible, and it seems like no duh.”

The Vulnerability of Praising

Acknowledging a partner’s strengths and virtues in public requires vulnerability. Yet, as Matt explains, this vulnerability is essential for fostering deeper connections. He encourages couples to embrace this vulnerability, recognizing that it’s a testament to the authenticity and integrity of their relationship.

Building Confidence and Trust

Public praise not only boosts confidence but also fosters trust within the relationship. By highlighting each other’s positive attributes, partners reinforce their belief in one another, creating a positive cycle of affirmation and growth. Additionally, praising a partner publicly serves as a model for effective communication and strengthens the foundation of the relationship.

Embracing Vulnerability

Some may hesitate to offer praise, fearing it may seem insincere or insignificant. However, Matt reminds us that every expression of appreciation, no matter how small, holds significance. By accepting and reciprocating praise, couples embrace vulnerability and deepen their emotional connection.

Matt adds that people are also quick to reject praise. “All that quick dismissal means is that you don’t have to be vulnerable. If you accept the praise, it takes a ton of vulnerability.”

Celebrating Love and Partnership

Pete Carroll’s tribute to his wife serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of publicly championing our partners. In doing so, we not only honor their contributions but also strengthen the foundation of our relationships.

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