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Supporting a First-Time Mom: 4 things a nana can do for her daughter

A first-time mom needs your support.

You might remember, with fondness, your mom supporting you after the birth of your first child. She showed up. She stayed the week. And… she stocked the freezer. It goes without saying, but that transition into motherhood is BIG, and motherly support is often needed during that time. Our daughters, who are having babies now, are from a different generation. They might want, and need, a different kind of support.

Host of The MomForce Podcast and founder of Chatbooks, Vanessa Quigley, shares how to best show up for the new, modern mom.

Hear more of Vanessa’s thoughts on becoming a first-time nana on The MomForce Podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.


4 Ways to Support a First-Time Mom

Meeting Mauve

Vanessa just recently became a grandma to a sweet baby girl, Mauve.

Describing the moment, she first held Mauve, Vanessa shares, “It was beyond perfect, like holding a piece of heaven.”

Stepping into the nanahood has felt natural for Vanessa. But what she wasn’t expecting was all the ways she would feel bonded to her daughter Laken – mom to Mauve. This is Vanessa’s advice for all mothers supporting their daughters who are first-time moms.

Before the Baby Comes

Vanessa and her husband Nate went into full prep mode before the little one arrived. They blitzed through the house, getting it squeaky clean, and tackled those last-minute nesting projects for their daughter. Plus, they stocked up the pantry and got busy making freezer meals for those hectic early days. Vanessa also recommends helping your daughter set up a registry. Laken had all the best baby products thanks to the generosity of others.

Once the Baby Arrives

Vanessa believes it’s all about normalizing the tough moments and reminding your daughter she’s doing great, even when she feels otherwise. Continue with the housework so your daughter can focus on bonding with her new baby. Cook up some meals, keep the place tidy, and make sure first-time mom gets some decent shut eye whenever possible.

Supporting Long-Distance

As for long-distance support, you can order diapers to be delivered to your daughter’s house, or you can DoorDash meals. You could even pay for a cleaning crew to show up at your daughter’s home.

Sharing on the Socials

And finally, when it comes to sharing pics of the new baby online, Vanessa suggests checking with your daughter first before posting photos of the new baby. Thoughtful gifts, like a subscription to Chatbooks, let her treasure those early memories for a long time to come.

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