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Q&A your way to deeper love! A couples card game will boost your marriage connection

Try this couples card game next date night.

By Harlee Frodsham

In our fast-paced world, forming genuine emotional connections can feel like an uphill battle. Studies reveal that a significant portion of millennials—60 percent, to be precise—struggle with forming secure attachment styles. But fear not! Love Lingual, a couples card game, will completely change the way you connect with your partner.

It’s a product our own Studio 5 Relationship Contributor Dr. Matt Townsend recommends. With Matt’s stamp of approval, we know it’s worth the buy.



Love Lingual card game

Love Lingual Couple Card Game, $25, Amazon

Love Lingual isn’t just another game – it’s a powerful tool designed to strengthen your emotional connection with your spouse. Through a deck of thought-provoking question cards, this game facilitates intimate conversations that spark vulnerability and deepen understanding between partners.

“When we feel something vulnerable, we tend to hide it,” explains Matt. “Love Lingual provides a safe space to share these vulnerabilities openly, fostering deeper connections and richer love.”

Each card prompts discussions on topics that often go unexplored in everyday conversation. Questions like: “What bridges are you happy that you burned?” or “What’s something you’d be embarrassed for me to know?” encourage honesty and openness, laying the groundwork for emotional intimacy.

Whether you’re newlyweds or longtime partners, this game has the potential to reignite the spark and deepen your bond.

“Don’t let skepticism hold you back,” Matt adds. “Love Lingual isn’t cheesy—it’s essential for nurturing your relationship.”

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