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‘Just be interested in them.’ 3 ways to celebrate your partners interests

You don’t have to be interested in the same things to be interested in each other.

Maybe he likes hiking and you would rather go for a walk. Maybe you like reading and he would rather watch a show. All marriages have their differences… some smaller than others. But there is strength in celebrating the different likes and dislikes.

Licensed marriage and family therapist Trevor Hanson shares what can happen when we celebrate our partner’s interests.


Understanding the Subtle Messages

Trevor pointed out the subtle, yet powerful messages conveyed when we fail to celebrate our partner’s interests.

“It’s not merely about the activity itself, but the underlying message of care and importance,” he explained. When we chose to show blatant disinterest in our partner’s likes, it tells them that we don’t care enough about them to care about what they love.

Curiosity: The Key to Connection

Trevor underscored the role of curiosity as a catalyst for connection.

“Curiosity leads to respect and ultimately fosters a sense of security within the relationship,” he said. By showing genuine interest in our partner’s world, we nurture a safe space where both individuals can thrive.

Just Show Up!

In relationships, it’s not about both liking the exact same thing. It’s more about being interested in what the other person likes. Trevor shared a great example about his wife and his love of skateboarding. She might not love it like he does, but she still hangs out with him at the skate park, asking questions and cheering him on. That’s curiosity in action!

“You don’t have to be interested in what they’re interested in. Just be interested in them,” Trevor said.

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