Penguins, Parrots and More at the Aquarium

Penguins, Parrots and More at the Aquarium

This could be the year of the penguins. Not only is there a hit movie expected, but penguin babies could be on their way to the Living Planet Aquarium. Couple that with all the summer programs, and the aquarium will be full of fun and excitement.

Ashley Krebs from the Living Planet Aquarium fills us in on some of the fun program expected this summer

The Living Planet Aquarium has summer day camps for children graduating Pre-kindergarten all the way through middle school.

1. Each camp is two days for approximately 3 hours per day with the exception of the 7th-9th grade camp which is 7.5 hours per day, and the pre-kindergarten which runs for 2.5 hours.

2. All camps take place in the mornings except for the Extreme Survivors who will join us all day.

3. Parents of the pre-kindergarten campers are welcome to stay with their camper, but we encourage our camp to be a great stepping stone for kids to learn how to be on their own.

4. Each camp will have animal interactions that they would not normally be able to participate in on a regular visit to the aquarium.

5. Camps are packed with exciting crafts, experiments, songs, games and hands on activities.

6. Each camper will receive a t-shirt for the camp that they participate in.

7. Snacks will be provided each day for the campers.

8. You may sign up on line by visiting our website at or in person at The Living Planet Aquarium at 10600 South and 725 East in Sandy.

9. For more information please contact Carolyn at (801) 355-3474 ext 210.

Highlights of some of the camps:

1. Art Along the Sea and Shore (Pre K graduates) will focus on the story books of Eric Carle. The children will be listening to some of Eric Carle’s books, going on a scavenger hunt to find some of the animals found in the story, create crafts related to the stories and meet some of the animals from the books.

2. Explorers in Time (3rd and 4th) – During this camp the campers will be travelling through a portal of time to visit with different explorers who have made an impact on the world. The campers will talk to Jacque Cousteau, who will be in our shark tank, about how he defined living and non-living. The kids will visit with Isaac Newton and test out his theory of force and gravity. Campers will also assist Sue Hendrickson in digging up fossilized bones.

3. Secrets of the Sea (5th and 6th) – We have all heard about strange occurrences or stories surrounding sea creatures…campers will go on a treasure hunt throughout the aquarium to uncover if some of the secrets we have heard are actually true.

4. Extreme Survivor (7th-9th grade graduates) – this is our second year of offering an extreme camp for this age group. Last year the camp surrounded extreme eaters – this year we will be looking at, and testing, ways that some animals survive in extreme ways. Like, have you ever wondered how animals living in the deep sea can withstand the immense pressures? We will also look at the unique ways some animals defend themselves.

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