Photography for Real Life

Capturing the true essence of someone’s life is what makes Robin Johnson’s professional photography compelling. She shares ideas to help you capture more personality and everyday life through photos:

1. The first photo idea is to watch for EMOTION & EXPRESSION

• There are so many emotions and expressions that we feel and see throughout the day. I watch for how my client looks between the smile shots. What is their real expression? What is their real personality? Are they crazy and loud? Or quiet and pensive? No one walks around with a smile on all day long so what is their serious look? What is their quiet expression? Capture a little of each.

• You can also photograph them while they are doing something. It is nice sometimes to just set up an activity for people and then photograph them doing it. Don’t prompt them to look at the camera, just watch what they do and wait for the beautiful moments.

• Don’t forget to capture their laughter and crazy faces. Everyone likes to laugh and laughing helps people relax in a photo session. Capture people laughing, let them make funny faces. If you are looking for real joy, let them enjoy themselves while you photograph them and then you will see it in their face. I love looking at a photo of someone laughing — don’t you? It makes me happy!

2. The second photo idea is to capture RELATIONSHIPS.

• Photographing details of people together is a great way to show relationships. Hands have a great story to tell – little hands holding big hands, old hands holding each other, generations of hands together. They show connection and relationships between people. Feet can be fun to tell a story with – the difference in sizes, the little feet that won’t hold still, and the big feet that are stable and strong.

• Two or more people just being together tells about a relationship. You don’t always need to see their face, just the interaction between the two can tell a lot. How are they holding each other? How do they walk together? Who wants to hold on to who in a photograph? You can tell who is close by who they want to be with.

• Don’t be afraid to cut part of people out of the picture. Sometimes they are more of a prop helping to tell what the story is about. A mother’s shoulder is enough to see to understand what makes the little baby feel secure. Mom and Dad’s legs by a child sitting down let you know they are cared for and in a loving family.

• Capture the interaction between people. Little boys are so different than little girls. Let the boys make faces at each other, and let the girls giggle together – that is what they normally do! Best friends are so cute talking together and every couple has a different dynamic and relationship. Watch for those little jestures between them that tell who they really are and what they are like together.

3. The third photo idea is to capture EVERY DAY LIFE

We always remember to take pictures of the big events in life: birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. But what about real life that takes place every day in your home? Plan ahead and choose one day to do this: from sunrise to sunset photograph whatever your family does that day.

Start in the morning with kids still in bed. Photograph the morning routine of chores and music practice. Capture the the friends they hang out with, the games they play, and even everyone’s favorite pair of shoes! Photograph the cars, the house and don’t forget the family pets. Take a family picture. Capture mealtimes and the evening routine. At the end of the day, you will have an incredible snapshot in time of your families’ life!

At my studio, I strive to create a warm and comfortable environment where people can be who they are. I watch for those moments when I see their true personality show through. I can see the true beauty in each person I photograph and my goal is to capture that and share what I see with them. We have fun during our sessions. If we are not having fun, I don’t want to be there either!

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