Professional Halloween Makeup Tips

Makeup artist Jeremy Everts shows us how to create both an oil base and water base makeup effect.

Sponge and Brush work

– First you will want to pick out the colors that you are wanting to use along with the type of sponges you want for the effect.

If you are wanting a smooth surface then you will want a firm Make up wedge sponge

If you are wanting to create a 5 o clock shadow a beard or road rash & wounds then you will need a stipple sponge.

If you are looking to create texture and blotchiness then a natural sea sponge will work well.

– Different sponges will create different textures and also apply make up differently, so you may want to experiment.

– Now you also have to consider the type of make up that you are using either oil base or water base, because this will affect your texture also.

Water based make up can run together and lose texture if you make it too wet or touch the surface too much.

Oil based make up does not run but can also be blended if needed.

– First make sure that the skin is clean and free of any other type of make up so that the make up you are applying is not affected by the make up already on the face.

– Pick the sponge you want to use and dab it in the make up that you have chosen.

– Next lightly dab the sponge to the areas of the face that you are wanting to apply it to. Creating as much or as little texture as desired. you can add multiple colors for desired effects, just make sure that with water based make up that you let each color dry in between colors to prevent ruins and smears

– After you have finished with applying the colors of texture desired, allow to dry if water based make up and then proceed to applying detail with your brushes.

To Apply a Smooth Base with No Texture

– Use a firm wedge

– Apply make up to the wedge

– Then in even strokes spread the make up over the surface you are covering.

– Try to keep the make up thin . If you make it thick you will have streaks and blotchy spots, unless that is your desired effect.

– The thicker the make up the harder it will be to blend it smooth and even over the surface.

– After to primary base is applied take your sponge back over the surface smoothing any thick or rough spots.

Make up Recommendations

– Oil based make up ( Ben Nye )

– Water based Make Up ( Wolfe Brothers )

– Sponges ( Stipple, Natural Sea Sponge, Wedge )

– Brushes ( Acrylic paint brushes for oil based & water color brushes for Water based make up )

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Jeremy Everts

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