Racing to the Stars

The event kicks off Saturday, June 19, 2010 at Miller Motorsports Park with family-friendly race activities, dinner, a model rocket demonstration by Utah Rocket Club and a star party.

“Racing to the Stars” guests will use telescopes to view a variety of objects in the night sky. High-quality amateur grade telescopes will be at Miller Motorsports Park for the star party event. The public will have the opportunity to view objects in the night sky and learn the differences between the types of telescopes.

During the evening of the event, you will be able to see Mars, Saturn and the Moon through the telescopes. You can also look at M13, the Globular Cluster in Hercules. M13 is probably the best known globular cluster in the northern hemisphere. It is a swarm of million stars gravitationally bound to themselves that travel like a swarm of bees in the Milky Way galaxy.

This family fun activity happens to be held Father’s Day weekend – for those of you looking for a unique experience for dad. Racing to the Stars will benefit Clark Planetarium’s space and science education programs, which reach over 75,000 Utah students each year and help Clark Planetarium fulfill its mission to present enlightening experiences that inspire wonder in learning about space and science.

All access VIP tickets for the event are $100 per person and include admission to the park, access to the Larry H. Miller Total Performance Car Museum, dinner, model rocket demonstrations, an evening star party and one round of the following activities: Sim race, go-karting, pit crew challenge, jeep ride and the skid car.

General admission tickets are $30 per person and include admission to the park, access to the museum, dinner, rocket demonstrations and star party.

Tickets are available for purchase online at:

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