Rindin the Puffer

Author Roger Anthony talks about Rindin the Puffer and the important lessons he teaches children.


The story of Rindin begins with his being the targert of a joke, just for being different. However, when the bullies meet up with a hungry barracuda, Rindin saves the day!

Rinding the Puffer shows the importance of “behing yourself” while respecting individual differences in others.

CNW Entertainment presents Rinding the Puffer, the first story in the CrocPond family of products and the award-winning DVD that is included with the book. Rindin inspires children of all ages to be more tolerant, helping them to see their peers in a positive new light.

The vision for the CrocPond family of products is to make a difference in the lives of children of all cultures. The products are tools that assist children along with their parents, teachers and caregivers to inspire wise choices in life while encouraging others to do the same.


Roger Anthon, author of the book, Len Simon, director for the animated movie and David Farland, editor of the book will all be appearing at the Utah State Fair in booth 30 from September 6 thru 16.

Books can also be purchases on their web site at www.storyislandbooks.com

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