Rope Décor

It’s a trend that spans many styles – nautical, rustic or even bohemian. Any way you tie it together, rope décor is oh-so-hot!

Designer Lauren Oviatt gives us her take on all things twisted.

The rope trend is so hot right now. It’s popping up everywhere – in fashion, jewelry and, of course, it has even trickled into our homes. No matter if the words “preppy/nautical”, “bohemian” or “rustic” define your decor style, the rope trend works for all of the above.


Using the rope trend as a standout is taking a totally theatrical approach, using large impressions almost like a set designer would on stage. No accidents, no excuses! Going big and bold with rope can translate into the following : large wall hangings, a chandelier that appears to be made of solely rope, a banister made of rope (!), substituting drapery hardware with rope, and so much more.


Staples can be defined as everyday items that won’t necessarily call too much attention to themselves but are an integral part of the decor statement in your room. These are foundational pieces that have classic appeal. Think of a hyacinth basket that keeps magazines or toys, a pair of seagrass barstools at your kitchen island or even a jute rug updating your family room floor. These items conjure up the rope trend due to their color, texture and braided quality.


Along with the overall feel of a room, designers often find most success and positive feedback in taking care of the details… they are what “make” the room. Incorporating the rope trend into the details of your space could be as simple as rope coasters, a jute table runner or placemat, trim on your sofa’s pillows or the updated rope hardware pulls in your powder room vanity. You may opt to rehang the pictures in your playroom by suspending them from rope or use a cool nautical knotted door stop. Using the “detail” approach doesn’t mean you’re shying away from the trend, it says that you have a refined eye for embracing the small things. I say, bravo!

Lauren has always had a love for interior and landscape design, floral décor, and all things beautiful! Having lived in the South and also on the west coast before settling in Utah, her design instinct is to combine traditional elements and furniture with updated style and current color palettes. She is constantly looking for ways to infuse glamour into her projects while bringing a fresh perspective and an eye for tasteful, classic design. Lauren has degrees in both Public Relations and Interior Design and worked in wedding/event planning before transitioning to residential and hospitality design.

Oviatt Design is a full-service design firm in business for over 25 years, specializing in high-end residential and commercial design. The scope of their projects ranges from simple home renovations to large-scale construction projects where design is implemented from the first color choices to the final finishing touches. With direct access to over 75 upholstery, accessory and furniture lines, the team of designers are able to provide each client with pieces that are particular to his or her taste and style. Their showroom is open to the public Monday through Friday.

Lauren Stimpson Oviatt

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