See’s Candies: Perfect for the Holidays

Stacy Wynn with See’s Candies shows you some great ideas for your holiday gift giving.

See’s offers a wide variety of delicious chocolate treats for any budget.

1. Candy bar 4 pack $6

2. Snowman Box $5.25

3. #1 Autumn box $15.60

4. Tower of Treats, lollypops or peanut brittle, #1 Truffle, 5oz box, snowman candy cane $40.50

And don’t forget …

… Co-workers, Teachers, Military, Mail Carriers, Neighbors, Coach, Babysitter, Friends, Police and Firefighters, Hair Dresser, Clergy and an extra box……….

See’s also offers a variety of seasonal and year round fund raising programs

1. Christmas Holiday it’s not to late to raise some dollars

2. Valentines fund raiser

3. Spring/Easter fundraiser

4. Candy bars and more

At the See’s Candies location on 2300 South, they offer an excellent value to businesses for their end of year thank you.

Place $585 order with See’s and receive up to 25% savings. Receive free shipping to one location and make it a Human Resource benefit to all your employees.

See’s Candies also makes a wonderful gift, don’t forget …

1. Customers

2. Employees

3. Vendors

4. Suppliers

5. Referrals

6. Sub contracted employees etc.

And Coming Soon …

… See’s creamy dreamy mint truffle smothered with white chocolate and decorated with a festive wreath.

Hope to see you soon at one of See’s Candies local shops.

See’s Candies
Quantity Discount

2355 South West Temple

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Visit this location and mention the word “Mistletoe” and receive a complimentary chocolate candy bar and a delicious sample while you shop.
Call toll free 1-800-877-7337

For your nearest location,

Web site



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