Strollers 101: Finding the Perfect Stroller

Tim Weeks with is here top smooth out some of our stroller struggles.


Before we hear about some of the most outlandish and high-tech strollers, we should learn about the most important safety features.

Must-Have Stroller Safety Features and Tips:

5-Point Harness: The child needs to be securely strapped in with five different points on the harness in order to avoid injuries.

Rear or Hand Brakes: Brakes are an obvious necessity when buying a stroller.

Child Correctly Positioned: The child needs to be correctly positioned in the seat so the seatbelt can work properly.

Double-locking Mechanism: When folding the stroller, it needs to lock in two different places to avoid stroller closing on your child or smashing little fingers.

Avoid hanging heavy bags on handle: Overloading the stroller could cause the stroller to tip over.

Check temperature under sun visor: Some strollers come with a sun visor to protect children’s heads. This is a great feature, but make sure you check the temperature underneath. It can be scorching!

And never leave stroller unattended: Another obvious one. Too many horror stories take place when this happens.

Strollers seen on Studio 5 from

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baby trend sit and stand – $134.99

ombi twin savvy ex – $229.95

orbit baby infant system – $899.00

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