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Styling Red for the Holidays: 5 unexpected color combos that make a statement

You’ll probably find yourself styling red this holiday season.

While red’s popularity during the holidays is a given, it is here to stay throughout the winter. You might feel a little intimidated, but it’s a versatile and surprisingly adaptable shade!

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shares five unexpected color combinations that are the perfect complement to red.

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Styling Red in 5 Ways for the Holiday Season

1. Red and Burgundy

Casey suggests pairing red with burgundy for a sophisticated yet bold look. If red feels too intense, burgundy provides the perfect balance. The tonal look creates a saturated, cooler vibe, allowing for versatile accessory choices in silver or gold.

2. Red and Chartreuse

Contrary to the traditional Christmas pairing of red and green, Casey introduces chartreuse, a yellowy green, to the mix. The unexpected combination brings a dramatic and poppy effect.

3. Red and Camel

Embracing the classic fall and winter vibes, red pairs flawlessly with camel. The houndstooth pattern adds a touch of sophistication, making it a timeless, classic choice.

4. Red and Pink

Casey’s favorite combination is pink and red! The similarities and differences in these two colors create an unexpected, yet fun look. This combination is great if you’re looking for a cheerful look.

5. Red and Black with Texture

While red and black is a classic combination, Casey adds a twist by incorporating texture, such as leather. Adding texture can make the classic duo more interesting.

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