Take 5: Learn more about Lisa Valentine Clark

We all know someone we want to get to know better. But we’re not really sure how to go about it. What can we ask to spark a meaningful conversation and connection? That’s the inspiration behind our “Take 5” series. We asked viewers and guests of our show to submit questions that you could as a friend to deepen a relationship. We hope these questions inspire your own relationships – and it’s a chance for us to better know the women who inspire us.

Our final quest is someone who we can always count on for a good “laugh until we cry” moment. Appropriately known as @yourfunnyvalentine on Instagram, Lisa Valentine Clark is a comedian, actor and host of “The Lisa Show” podcast. Lisa is a mom who loves to point out the humorous parts of motherhood.

She’s not immune to the hard parts of love too. In 2020 she lost her husband Chris to ALS. She’s been a light to us all on staying positive through hardship. And we can’t wait to hear more, learn more, and love her more as she takes 5!

You can catch The Lisa Show on BYU Radio

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