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What are you thankful for? Join in the Studio 5 Grateful ABC’s

It’s become somewhat of a tradition around here to instigate a gratitude practice each November. It’s the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, so what better time to reflect on what we’re thankful for? We know gratitude is something many of you value and try to improve upon, so we’re taking it back to the basics this year and throwing out a challenge called The Grateful ABC’s.

Here’s how it works. Every day during the month of November, we’re asking you to think of something you’re grateful for that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet. Starting with ‘A’ on November 4th, and ending, appropriately, on Thanksgiving. We’re taking out ‘X’ and ‘Z’ for obvious reasons. But, you’ve still got twenty-four opportunities to stretch your creative writing brain and reflect on life’s blessings.

There are a couple ways you can participate. You can take a mental pause each day to just sit and reflect on the letter and what you’re grateful for. Additionally, we are making it easy for you to put it down on paper.

Use this printable to track your daily gratitude.¬†Stick it to the fridge, put it on your nightstand, and pick up a pen daily to jot down something you’re thankful for. We hope this personal exercise will cement the spirit of the season, and maybe even work as a family activity as well.


    • Hi Kim! We just updated the printable. Just click on the image and it will take you to a PDF you can print. Thanks for reaching out!

  • My print preview shows only a tree not the whole page. Even when I hit fit to page it still just gave me a tree.

    • Hi Janet! We just tested out the link. We went to Advanced Settings and did fit to page and it worked for us. Is that what you already tried?

  • Somehow the PDF is only coming up at 23%. I can see it fit to page on the print preview but nothing prints! Can you email me a copy? It’s so cute and I want to use it! Thanks!

  • The Grateful ABC’s PDF is not loading at all anymore. The PDF was only loading 30% or so earlier. Can you please e-mail me a copy. I would like to complete this activity properly with my family before Thanksgiving. It was such a great idea. Thanks