The 30-day Swimsuit Plan – Week 4

Studio 5 Health & Fitness Contributor, Melanie Douglass, shares a 30-day
plan to slim down, tighten up and feel amazing this swimsuit season.

Okay, here it is! Week three… come on, you can do anything for just a
week! This is the last week of the plan. You can repeat the 4 week cycle or
take the parts that worked for you and incorporate them into your
everyday, healthy lifestyle. Hard work, self-discipline and pre-planned
structure do pay off! Be strong!

Week #4Workout: Define and Align
· Leaning Lunges
· Standing Oblique Drops
· High Knee Jog
· Plank Drops
· Power Ab Crunches

The point of your week four workout is to perform targeted moves, in a
slow-controlled, perfectly aligned manner. The slowness is a new
challenge for your muscles and doing everything in perfect alignment will
tighten up your abs. You can incorporate more cardio from previous
weeks’ workouts, or go for a 30-min walk after this workout (or some sort
of cardio).

There are 5 exercises, each performed for one minute. I start each exercise
as “low impact” and then progress to “high impact”. You can choose if you
want to work low or high based on your abilities and fitness level. But do
push yourself!

Repeat the 5-minute video clip (ie, “the circuit”) at least 3 – 6 times, so you
get a good 15 – 30 minute sweat/burn session!

What to Eat
This meal plan is meant to be simple. It’s structured and controlled so that
you really and truly end up eating less, without feeling deprived.

Follow the meal guide below for 5 days. Then eat thehealthy foods you
want, in moderation, for 2 days.

· 1 cup of bran flakes
· ½ cup milk or plain greek yogurt
· ½ banana

· 1 chicken breast
· 2/3 cup brown rice

Afternoon Snack:
· 1 handful of snap peas or pepper slices
· 12 walnuts

· 3 oz of lean meat, or ½ cup of rinsed beans
· 2 cups steamed or raw veggies
· 1 cup of watermelon or grapes
· 1 cup milk or soy milk

*6-8 glasses of water throughout the day

Here to download meal plan.

Melanie Douglass, R.D., NASM, AFAA

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