Ultimate Corn on the Cob

The challenges of getting to the enjoyment of corn on the cob is having
to husk it and remove all the “tassel hairs”. If boiled in a pot of
water it is too hot to handle without some other apparatus to help you
retrieve and hold onto the corn. Then there is always the issue of
handling it with bare hands and being a butter mess.

This method will solve all that, pass it around!

12 ears of corn
3 cups of water
seasoning (your choice)
Camp Chef Ultimate Roaster
Camp Chef Stove with all-purpose 30,000 btu burner.

Using scissors snip the tassels down to the top end of the cob leaving
the cob in the husks.
Leave an inch of stem on the other end of the cob.
Place the dozen ears of corn, stem end down, in the Ultimate Roaster’s
bottom well. ( well: the part with the cone ion the center)
Add apx. cups of water into the bottom well.
Replace the lid of roaster over the corn and well.
Turn the burner on medium heat and wait till you smell the cooked corn
smell, then turn the burner off (typically around 10-15 minutes).
The burner can be turned on high, or you can pre-heat the water and
roaster for a few minutes before adding the corn for faster cooking. But
it is better to start on medium. Adding more time or heat to finish
cooking something is possible. It is impossible to uncook something that
is over cooked.

Once the burner is shut off you can tip the lid of the roaster so that
it cracks open and releases the steam. (SAFETY NOTE: use some type of
protective gloves or pads when handling the hot iron and create the
crack so the steam comes out away and down wind of you) If this is not
done the corn continues to cook. It will remain warm for a long period
of time. When your ready to eat it simply peal the husks back so that
they become your handle for eating and brushing on the butter. You will
notice that the hairs peal back cleanly with the husks. We like adding a
little Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning to the butter before brushing it
on to cob.

Chef’s note:
This will be corn like you have never tasted before because the flavor
is held in by the husks. Because of the intense heat, all ear wigs and
worms should be dead and sterilized. Eating them with the corn will be
up to your discression. Since most of those critters inhabit the top of
the cob where it tassels emerge from the husks of the ear of corn, you
can peal the husk back slightly to check for them after snipping the
tassels and then push the husks back in place before cooking.

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