What’s New in the Neighborhood: Cutsie Cakes

Don’t let its small space of only 650 square feet fool you! This is one big hit! For owner Amberlynn Rasmussen, Cutsie Cakes was the perfect and fitting name for her business. “Cupcakes are cute, there is just no other way to put it!”

This isn’t the first time Amberlynn has put her creativity to good use. For her, it comes naturally. “I love to scrapbook and create and make home décor and homemade gifts and just give them to people and then the whole experimenting came in with the baking and the cooking and I just wanted to put the two together, and that’s what I did.”

While cupcakes are a trendy item, the store also serves up local gifts, sodas and their daily variety sets them apart from the rest. “We change our flavors everyday and we have an average of eight to ten everyday,” said Rasmussen. That adds up to nearly 100 different combinations! How does she do it? She said it simply, “Experimenting, that’s where I get curious and start playing around, that’s the creative part of me, that’s the creative part of me, just playing.”

For Amberlynn, she says it has never been about the money, her work provides her with a daily satisfaction. “I love it when they come in and they are like, ‘oh I am getting it for my neighbor who is sick’ or ‘we have a friend who is having a birthday so we just wanted to share a sweet treat.’ It’s just like exactly why I baked in the beginning, because it goes back to the old fashioned thing, you know, where you neighbor baked you a pie and people don’t take the time for each other anymore, and so it’s really neat when I have people come in and they are doing that. It’s like we get to be a part of it and I think that’s just really cool.”

Cutsie Cakes

354 North Main St. #1

Layton, UT 84041


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