Zacatecas Coleslaw Recipe

Zacatecas Coleslaw Recipe
2 heads of green cabbage cored and shredded coarse
2 red onions diced fine
6-8ripe roma tomatoes diced
2-6 fresh jalapeños diced fine remove seeds and veins if you prefer less heat
2 bunches cilantro stems removed and coarsely chopped
Juice from 4-6 limes
Minced garlic about a tsp
Kosher salt and coarse black pepper to taste

Start with the cabbage first. Put into a large mixing bowl add some kosher salt and lime juice but not all just yet. Add a small amount of the minced jalapeño but not all just yet. The salt and limejuice will start to work on the cabbage and release some of the water out of it. At this point add the cilantro, tomatoes, onions, garlic and mix well. Taste for heat , acidity and seasoning. At this point add more juice, jalapeno and seasoning as needed. The jalapeños can vary greatly in spiciness so just add small amounts until it tastes right. I would strongly encourage people to adjust the coleslaw to personal preference. And also worth mentioning that the slaw will get spicier by the minute as the flavors blend.
Cilantro Lime Sour Cream
2 Cups Mexican style or regular sour cream
½ Cup chopped cilantro
¼ Cup fresh lime juice

Top fish with 1 oz shredded jack and cheddar mix and melt under broiler. Spread pita pocket with sour cream and fill with slaw and ¼ sliced avocado and fish filet serve with lime wedges on the side.

Another version is to skip the pita bread and heat up some white corn tortillas and cut ahi into smaller pieces for some fantastic fish tacos.

Recipe was gracious given by Chef Eric Homes from the RedRock Brewing Company , 254 South 200 West, Salt Lake City, Utah,

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