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Get the family one big statement toy this year! Here are 10 of the most popular

Simplify Christmas with a family statement toy this year.

Before the stacks of gifts start piling up under the tree, would you consider ditching lots of little gifts and toys for just a few family gifts? It’s an idea gaining in popularity as families seek to simplify the holidays.

Melody Craig, with Toy Testing Sisters, shares a round-up of great statement toys for all ages and interests.

Find all these toys linked here. Find more recommendations from Melody on Instagram, @toytestingsisters.


10 of the Most Popular Statement Toys This Year

Tonie Box

A favorite at both our homes and such a great alternative to screens! You purchase the characters separately and the Tonie will play audio books, music, and MORE! One thing that is also great about this toy is that the stories make great gifts so they can be requested instead of lots of small toys from friends and family for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions!

Indoor Swing (hardware)

We found the best swing hardware on Amazon that brings the fun indoors! All you need is a sturdy beam in your ceiling and this hardware can hold up to 900lbs. We love to swap different swings in and out. Our babies love the sensory swing and our older kids love the trapeze bar.

Stapelstein Elements

Finally in the US! Colors are beautiful and they hold up to 396lbs! Kids will love stacking, sorting, creating obstacle courses, water play, balancing, and more! Play inside or outside with these elements.

Snap Camp Camera

This camera is screen-free, point and click, so kids can be in the moment and not focused on looking at the photos they took or messing with settings. Our kids have loved toting this around to all of our fun activities.


Step aside LEGO. We love Beblox because kids can build so many different objects and animals and then actually play with them. We hate telling our kids to gently set down their build, so it doesn’t get ruined. Beblox solves this problem. We recommend starting with the 500 piece set. This is slotted for 8-10 but kids 5+ will love.


These soft, magnetic blocks click together to make planes, cars, forts, and anything your kids can imagine. It’s the perfect STEAM/STEM toy and excellent for ages 2-10.


This Sky Bar is both collapsible and adjustable which we love! We get so many messages from people telling us their kids play with this bar all day! It’s perfect for getting all the wiggles out and mastering those fun flips!

Dream Machine

Nostalgia alert! This story projector plays short stories on the wall. Part of the collection includes the Little Golden book stories. Such a fun toy to add to your nighttime routine. Right now, this toy is hard to find. It was $50 back in September. Don’t overpay on Ebay or other sellers. Either wait for them to stock up or don’t buy.

Yeti to Shine

The Yeti to Shine is a book/plush combo that invites families to create lasting memories together this holiday season. Create a new holiday tradition in your home by placing the token cards inside the yetis pouch each day. These 33 different activity prompts bring families closer together in a fun and unique way.

Play Couch Panel

Transform your play couch into a farm, coffee shop, ice cream station, lemonade stand, and more. Our kids have been loving using their Nuggets for pretend play with this fun attachment.

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