christmas romance movies
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Love your Christmas romance movies? Here’s a look behind the scenes of one…

The holidays call for some Christmas romance movies!

It’s a favorite tradition for many. Women can’t get enough of the Christmas chick-flick. We sat down with the stars of a popular holiday romance to find out what exactly goes into making those holiday movies we love so much.

Shae Robins and Casey Elliott star in Great American Family’s Destined at Christmas and its sequel – Destined 2: Christmas Once More. The movies are hits. In fact, Destined at Christmas broke all network ratings records when it premiered.

Check out Great American Family on Instagram @greatamericanfamily. You can also text CHRISTMAS to the number 877-999-1225 to get viewing options and updates. Find more from Shae and Casey on Instagram @shae_robins and @caseycelliott.


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