Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with a Twist

There is a reason flowers, candy and jewelry top the list of most popular
Mother’s Day gifts – they are the items Moms love! This year, turn the
expected into something special.

Jeni Carlson with Madeline L’Amour shares ways to gift what mom wants, in a
way she will love.


1. Arrange fresh flowers in a cute designer umbrella.

2. Plant a beautiful bouquet in a vintage bird cage


1. Serve Mom’s favorite candy in a basic kitchen cupcake pan (perfect for
the Mom that loves to bake!)

2. Wrap up chocolate in our signature “Tussie Mussie” (perfect for a
chocolate loving Mom!).


1. Deliver cuffs, necklace, earring, or brooches on a vintage re-purposed

2. Gift brooches or smaller items on pin cushion(easy and inexpensive to

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