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Pretty Packages for Mother’s Day: These 6 wrapping techniques are simple, yet stunning

Pretty packages are almost as important as the gifts themselves!

Presentation is everything in a lot of scenarios. When it comes to gifts, pretty wrapping can go a long way! You don’t have to get super fancy. Just a little add here and there will level up your package wrapping.

Leanne Swindlehurst shares six pretty ways to wrap your Mother’s Day gifts. She shares how to add memorable touches, and how the small things go a long way. She also shares a Japanese technique called Furoshiki.

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 Pretty Packages for Mom: 5 ways to add the wow factor to your Mother’s Day Gift


1)    When your gift for mom is too beautiful to wrap!

Is your gift gorgeous enough on its own so there’s no need to wrap it? Show the beauty of the gift. Take a cheeseboard for example. Add a few cheeseboard additions – a wheel of Brie, a cute Swedish Dishcloth, some nuts or berries – find some twine or gorgeous ribbon and secure the items on the board. This gift will speak for itself!

2)    When your gift is edible

Maybe your mom is one of those people who is hard to buy a gift for. Perhaps she enjoys something made by hand. Baked goods? Homemade bread? From your kitchen to hers – a special homemade gift is easy to wrap up in a new hand towel for your mother and her kitchen!

3)    When your gift is an experience

Taking mom to the theater? A nice dinner? A hike? A special experience with mom deserves a special delivery. Paint a pretty envelope for your coupon! My mom lives far away and I’m giving her an experience this year –I still want it to feel special and let her open something – so I’ve included the experience in a painted envelope vs. just telling her over the phone.

4)    When you want your gift to feel personal & memorable!

  1. Attach a memory to your gift. Giving something small but nostalgic to your mom Take these darling Swedish dishcloths for example. This weekend one of my customers grabbed one with Raspberries and talked about how she is going to gift it to her mother and write about her memories with her mom and raspberries. A dishcloth is cute and usable – but when you attach a memory to a small gift – every time your mother uses it, she will think of you and your memory.
  2. And maybe your actual gift isn’t attached to a memory but you’d like to make it personal wrap in brown paper, string, find one of your favorite photos with mom and place it on front. Regardless of what’s inside – she will love it and feel connected to you!

5)    When you want your gift to feel and look unique.

You can make any gift feel and look unique when you mix up your wrapping techniques.

  1. Flowers/stems on top – Gift boxes are cute enough on their own. If you love wrapping. Wrap the box in a neutral paper, give the box a healthy dose of twine or thin ribbon, then take your favorite long lasting stem/flower and tuck in numerous stems. I like to choose something that won’t wilt too quickly. What a happy gift to give.
  2. And have you heard of Furoshiki? Traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. You can buy these, use fabric from your own stash or if you’re my brother-in-law: get creative and use your own t-shirts to wrap gifts for your family. However, you choose to find your cloth – it’s a more sustainable option and although my Furoshiki is simple – many have created an art out of the style of bow they tie with the fabric. I added a few stems and love how unique this gift box feels.