Trendy Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkins are the go- to Halloween statement piece, but this year try spicing up your jack-o-lantern style!

Studio 5 Contributor Mandy Douglass shares 5 news ways to display Halloween’s most traditional decor.

It’s that time of year where it seems like there are pumpkins surrounding us. Whether it be in your home décor or darling little pumpkin treats, you can’t get away from pumpkin fun this time of year. Here are just a few new, trendy, and fun ways to display, paint, and enjoy pumpkins this year!

1. Painting pumpkins.

Lets all be honest, carving pumpkins is a really messy procedure, and it seems like carved pumpkins only last a few days. This year try spray painting a design on your pumpkin instead! Try out a few of these ideas!

1. Chevron Pumpkin – Pick a pumpkin that has a smooth texture (not a lot of grooves). Using masking tape, wrap the stem, and apply the tape creating a zig zag design. Press down the edges of the tape well and spray paint. (black and white are really eye catching!)

Tips: Let the pumpkin dry completely before taking tape off. After you peel off the tape, you can use a craft knife or razor blade to take off the bleeding edges from the lines of paint. Use a small paint brush, and touch extra paint to really make those lines crisp. (I just took the spray paint can and put a great little puddle on a paper plate).

For another way to do it, look at another way I found in Country Living Magazine (link:

2. Candy corn pumpkin – Wrap the stem with masking tape. Spray paint the yellow portion on the bottom first, then let dry completely. Hold your spray paint can by the center of the pumpkin and spray outward. If you try spraying the pumpkin inward, you won’t get the definite lines. Repeat the same steps with the white.
Source –

3. “31” pumpkin – Paint the entire pumpkin white. Find wood numbers (got mine at Jo-Anns) and paint them black. Glue numbers on with hot glue.

2. Hanging Pumpkin Frame.

Do something different this fall and create a hanging pumpkin display from a frame. The Frame I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Each of the pumpkins are plastic (I got these from Hobby Lobby). I drilled a hole in the stem of each one and threaded ribbon through each one. On the back I took a thumb tack and tacked the ends of the ribbon to the back of the frame. Then to finish it off, make a large wreath bow and attach to the top of the frame. Hang on a wall, a door, or even from a wreath stand. It will definitely make a great statement in your décor this fall.

3. Halloween Tree – with hanging pumpkin ornaments.

The tree was purchased at Rod Works in Orem. Each of the ornaments has a picture of the costumes our family has dressed up in through the years. In Photoshop, I placed the year of each costume, then had them printed. Using a circle die cut, I cut them each out. For the base of the ornaments, they are lids from the frozen juice concentrate you get at the grocery store. I spray painted each lid orange, then modpodged the pictures on the back of each one. After they were dry, I placed a strip of green ribbon folded in half on the back side of a blank lid, then sandwiched the ribbon in-between the lids.

4. Plastic SPOOKY pumpkins

The pumpkins I purchased at Wal-Mart for $.99 each. I took my Silhouette die cut machine and cut each individual letter out with vinyl. I stuck the vinyl on each pumpkin and used it like a stencil. With craft paint, dabbed each pumpkin, and removed the vinyl stencil carefully while the paint was still wet.

5. Pumpkin Cookies

Photo taken from Halloween with Matthew Mead Book
These cute pumpkin cookies I found in the Halloween with Matthew Mead book. They are yummy little shortbread cookies, with a pumpkin pie taste. The only change I made to the recipe is I used green fondant instead of Marzipan & I rolled each ball of dough in sugar to make them a little more sweet! Be sure to check out page 132 in the book for the recipe!

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