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Health Mart Pharmacies: Minerals and Supplements

But if you're like a majority of people, when eating healthy is difficult every day, a supplement might be an important addition to your health.

Health Mart Pharmacies' Christine Jacobson outlines her top six recommendations for minerals and supplements.

If you don't eat a well-balanced diet, are pregnant, postmenopausal or even a vegetarian, dietary supplements are a good option. Here are Christine Jacobson's top six suggestions:

#6 Copper/Boron/Phosphrous/Strontium

- Good for bone formation in osteoporosis/osteopenia
- Important with calcium and Vitamin D
- Necessary for calcium to absorb into the bone matrix

#5 Gingko Biloba

- Good for memory
- Good for brain vaso-dilation to increase blood flow to brain
- Helps with clarity of mind and brain function

#4 Zinc

- Excellent mineral for immune function and defenses
- Helpful for maturation
- Promotes thyroid activity
- An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

#3 Co-enzyme Q-10

- Excellent anti-oxidant
- Helps aid with cholesterol balance
- Helps lower blood pressure by decreasing platelet stickiness in blood
- Helps for cellular energy metabolism

#2 Calcium

- Important for bone density and structure
- Helps muscle function
- Increases energy production
- Natural blood clotter to keep blood stable

#1 Omega 3 - Fish Oil

- An essential fatty acid
- Important to check for EPA/DHA element
- Good for brain function
- Helps anxiety, depression and other psychological disturbances
- Reduces PMS

To find your nearest Health Mart Pharmacy, go to or look for these pharmacies nearest you.

Morgan Health Mart Drug
109 North Commercial Street
Morgan, Utah
(801) 929-3262

Spence's Health Mart Pharmacy
550 East 1400 North
Logan, Utah
(435) 753-8500

Cache Valley Health Mart Pharmacy
2380 North 400 East
North Logan, Utah
(435) 787-1212

Wangsgard Health Mart Pharmacy
120 North Washington Blvd
Ogden, Utah
(801) 399-4400

Mountain View Health Mart Pharmacy
1100 West 2700 North
Pleasant View, UT
(801) 786-4090

Wasatch Health Mart Pharmacy
4387 Harrison Blvd
Ogden, Utah
(801) 479-0331

Larry's Smithfield Health Mart Pharmacy
502 So Main, Suite B
Smithfield, Utah
(435) 563-6262

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