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Luscious Lashes: Trends in Eyelash Care

Studio 5 Beauty & Style Contributor Holly Stone counts down the top five lash trends and breaks down the facts about each product and procedure.

Thin lashes, short lashes, blonde lashes, lashes that won't grow? No problem. There are several trends and product options that result in lush, full and fabulous lashes. However, there are some things to consider and some myths to bust before you wander down the trend path:

" Amount of time for application.
" Price.
" How long they last.
" How natural they look.
" Are they easy to maintain?


Time Investment: Doctor appointment + daily use for 6-8 weeks to see results.
Cost: Doctor visit + $90-100/month
Durability: Lasts as long as you continue using product
Look: Extremely Natural

MYTH: Prescription lash stimulation is permanent.
Your lashes should respond as long as you continue to use the product. If you stop using, the result stops.

TREND #4: LASH EXTENSIONS (synthetic lashes glued to natural lashes)

Time Investment: 2-4 hours depending on desired look
Cost: $75-$250 Lash salon, stylist
Durability: Lasts 4 weeks
Look: Natural, glamour, or exaggerated. - the choice is YOURS.

MYTH: Lash extensions are harmful to your lashes.
Glue is very gentle. Your lashes shed naturally and so when they do, the synthetic lash will shed with them.


Time Investment: 20 minutes
Cost: $30-60 Beauty Salon
Durability: Lasts 3-4 weeks
Look: Natural

MYTH: Lash tine is only for blondes.
Lash tinting is for anyone except those with black, thick lashes. It is for those who want to increase the depth of color of their lashes.


Time Investment: 3 weeks daily for results
Cost: $17.99, Taylor Maid (mention Studio 5 and receive 10% discount)
Durability: Lasts as long as you continue to use
Look: Extremely Natural

MYTH: Your vision can change.
This OTC product has no vision correction active ingredients .

TREND #1: STRIP/INDIVIDUAL LASHES (Lash 109, Sally's Beauty Supply)

Time Investment: 7 minutes
Cost: $3.99
Durability: Lasts 1-3 days
Look: Natural

MYTH: Will tear your natural lashes when removed.
A good eyelash adhesive (recommend DUO-Nordstrom $9.99) will come off with a warm washcloth and water.

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